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There are many feelings which go with depression.  Among them are loneliness, frustration, helplessness, despair and, of course, sadness; feeling isolation is another.

Recently I’ve been feeling pretty good about the way my life is going.  I’m busy with my work, I’ve been socialising a fair bit, my photography is coming along, I’ve started cycling again after many months off the bike, my health is slowly improving, and generally I feel content with how things are.  My head was lifting.  But this was not much more than a veneer on what lies underneath.  While I think that I’m beginning to understand what I need to do to be happy, it apparently doesn’t take much to feel that weight of depression beginning to weigh on the shoulders and duck the head back down again. Continue reading


Spring has sprung

Spring has well and truly arrived in Edinburgh.  The spring flowers are out, the sun is warm and shining, and people seem to be in a happier frame of mind.  Me included, I should say.  I’ve been having a grand few weeks of getting out with the camera, being with friends and generally having fun.  I haven’t felt so relaxed for ages.

Here’s some photos of spring flowers from the weekend and today.  The full set is here.

Daffodils 1

Purple crocii 1

Daffodils 3

Snow Drops


Learning from your cock-ups

I learned a valuable lesson the other day: when Lightroom tells you repeatedly to back up your catalogue, you should do it!  And not only that, but back it up somewhere sensible!  I learned the hard way, by managing to delete my entire Lightroom catalogue which I’ve been working on since October last year.  Thankfully, this only really affects the photos I’ve posted here and here, and the occasional other photo or two, but still, it’s annoying as I’ve spent a lot of time working on them!

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Edinburgh bus

On the journey to recovery

It’s been a little while since I’ve talked about my health.  I wrote about having a drink just before the New Year (and I’ve had a few since!), but the main post concerning my Crohn’s was in mid-November.  It’s no longer available to view, however; it was a very personal post and at the time I published it I felt comfortable telling my Facebook friends (who are the bulk of the traffic when I publish a new post) exactly what was up with me.  I got many messages of sympathy, and I want to thank those of you who did, since it meant a lot to me that the support is there when I need it.  Thank you!

But with a few new friends now on Facebook, and a crisis of confidence, I wasn’t so sure this was the kind of information I wanted to be public so it’s hidden for the moment.  But that doesn’t stop me talking about the road to recovery I am – hopefully – now on. Continue reading

14 year old Kiyomi, learning to fight

Hiroshima: Kiyomi’s Story

In November 2012, a couple of friends and I had the great pleasure and honour to meet Kiyomi Kohno, an 80 year old hibakusha.  Kiyomi survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on the 6th of August 1945.

I have been wanting to tell the story of our short time with Kiyomi for a while now.  I gave a short talk to fellow students at Uni in May last year, 6 months after meeting Kiyomi.  But I wanted to relate to a wider audience the experience of meeting such an extraordinary woman.

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Eilean Donan Castle

Scottish Winter Photography

I’m not going to pretend for a second that I’m a decent photographer, but I’m still proud of some of the photos I manage to take.  I think I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I used to be resolutely against overly-processed photos.  Well, seems I’m slipping in my resolve as any glance through my photos will show.  Or maybe not?  Whether they look overdone or not, I recognise now that this is the beauty of digital photography; one can so easily express their creativity with just a few minutes of work.

Anyway, below are some photos from the Scottish winter around Edinburgh, and the Highlands.  No snow, I’m afraid, but we’re only half-way through winter at the moment, so you never know… And I’ve snuck in some photos from the end of Autumn too, but I’m sure you’ll not mind.  My flickr feed is for more photos, and I hope you enjoy!

Forth Rail Bridge 2

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Graveyards of the World

A bit of an odd one, this, but I like walking round graveyards.  I supposed I have a small fascination for them.  They represent a very personal connection to history; one which I find you don’t get with buildings or landscapes.

Not that I spend a lot of time hanging out in graveyards, normally!  But in my travels over the past 13 months or so, I’ve ended up visiting one in each country I’ve been to.  Admittedly not many countries, but they are all different, some more obviously so than others.  And of course, carrying a camera around, I got plenty of photos, which I’d like to share.  I try and be as respectful as I can, but I don’t see there’s anything inherently wrong in photographing graves.  I know I’m not unique in that regard!

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