Today’s odd Flickr stats

A very brief post, this one!  I dabble a bit in photography, but wouldn’t even stretch to ‘amateur’ to be honest.  I keep an account on Flickr at

Currently my most viewed photograph is this one of my old bike, the Cove Handjob:

Cove Handjob

Reason why?  Well, I’m sure you can work it out, but check out the stats for today anyway:

Flickr stats
My Flickr stats for 12th August 2013

Yup, folk searching for handjobs!  This is a fairly typical set of stats for the day, although I wanted to post it up because the slightly bizarre search terms of “me hypnotized” and “toilets in edinburgh” caught my eye and gave me a giggle.  The internet is a wonderful place, is it not?


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