Bricking It

As I write this, I’m currently waiting on the first leg of my round the world trip to Australia, New Zealand and the USA.  And I’m bricking it.  This definitely counts as stepping out of my comfort zone!  Not only am I going somewhere I’ve never been before, which is immensely exciting, but I’m also travelling for longer than I ever have – two months.  I’ve spent plenty of time away from home in the past, having gone to an American high school for 5 months when I was 17/18, and I don’t remember that being so daunting!

But really, I’m not nervous about being away from home (well, maybe a little), more like I’m nervous about my health.  Crohn’s Disease really makes things extra hard when it comes to travelling.  Not only do you worry about where there might be loos, or whether you can access them, but things like how much energy you have to lug your bags around, whether you can get the right food you need, and then that cloud of whether you’re going to get ill while you’re away.

I’ve been badly ill twice in the last few months, which have knocked my confidence for being away for such a long period.  But I’m not cancelling this trip of a lifetime, just to sit around at home or at work feeling sorry for myself.  I can’t let this disease beat me into submission.  Perhaps on the odd day or two, but not for long periods.  So I’m as prepared as I can be – I have as much planned out as possible so I know I’ve got somewhere to stay each night (more importantly, I have a shower and loo!), and I’m carrying medication with me just in case as well as being properly insured.  If I’m going to be ill, so be it, but at least I’ll be ill in somewhere spectacularly outside of my comfort zone.


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