Sun, sea, and steampunk in New Zealand

Following Australia, I’ve been in NZ now for about 18 days, enjoying the sights of South and North islands in a hired campervan from Spaceships Rentals.  Firstly, my health has been much better, and I’ve not been ill at all the whole time I’ve been here.  I’ve been cooking for myself pretty much the whole time, avoiding alcohol (apart from one tequila shot!) and spicy stuff.

I arrived in Christchurch and headed south through Oamaru, stopping off to check out the fine Victorian precinct with it’s quirky wee craft shops and the Oamaru Steampunk HQ.  These guys were brilliant, actually, since they were not scheduled to be open but having been in touch with them on Twitter (@steampunkHQ), they offered to open up especially for me!  Of course, I took the offer and had the place to myself…a theme which would repeat several times on the South Island.

From Oamaru, I went on to Te Anau, and honestly for the first few days I felt rather underwhelmed with NZ.  Australia was such a different country that I really felt like I was in a foreign country, but my first couple of days in NZ were very familiar in terms of countryside and accents (lots of Brits, ex-pats and tourists).  But that completely changed when I explored Fiordland a bit, visited Milford Sound, flew over the Alps and Mt Cook, flew over Kaikoura (twice!)…and then North Island was magical for all its volcanic activity!  Although, the weather up North has been pretty foul compared with the South!

So, a great time here, and now to move on.  I’ve put together a selection of photos from NZ, again about 1 per day.  I’ll admit to heavily processing them in Lightroom 4.4, but the intention was to produce a bunch of ‘artistic’ photos rather than simple tourist snaps, and so there aren’t many classic views I suppose.  When I get home I’ll wade through everything and put a ton of photos (largely unedited) online, but for now I’ve been experimenting with Lightroom and here are a bunch of photos which don’t really do NZ justice, but I had fun editing them regardless.  Hope that you like one or two of them!

Christchurch dog
Workman’s dog in Christchurch

Oamaru hearts
Carved hearts in Oamaru
Inner workings of a SteampunkHQ working sculpture
Fiordland mist
Fiordland through the mist over Lake Manapouri
Fiordland mountains
Fiordland mountains
Snow tracks
Mt Lyttle, Fiordland with my fresh tracks in the snow
Bowen Falls
Bowen Falls, Milford Sound
Motuariki Island
Southeastern spit of Motuariki Island in Lake Tekapo
Franz-Josef glacier
Franz-Josef glacier from the air
Icebergs in Lake Hooker, with Mt Cook in the background
People watching
People watching, Kaikoura
Whale ahoy
Thar she blows! Sperm whale ahoy!
Tulips in Wellington’s botanic gardens
Huka falls – the largest lake in NZ (Lake Taupo) drains through a single 15 x 10m outlet. The water is ferocious, and a great colour.
Champagne Pool
Steaming Champagne Pool, Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland
Hobbit door
A Hobbit’s front door…but whose is it?
Glow worms
Glow worms in Waipu caves
Mt Victoria
Auckland SkyTower from Mt Victoria, an inactive volcano on Auckland’s Northshore

5 thoughts on “Sun, sea, and steampunk in New Zealand

  1. Rachel Saturday 2nd November, 2013 / 4:25 am

    Great photos, Kit. My favourite places in the South Island are MIlford Sound and Mount Cook. Both are spectacular.

    • Kit Carruthers Saturday 2nd November, 2013 / 11:15 am

      Thanks Rachel, and totally agree with you! Got to fly around Mt Cook one day, probably the absolute highlight of the entire trip.

  2. susan Saturday 22nd March, 2014 / 2:21 am

    Very well done! The rapids and mountains are delicious…

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