Mixing Work and Play in Fiji & the USA

My third and final wee update on my recent travels, following on from adventures in Australia and New Zealand, has me stopping for 24hrs in Nadi, Fiji before flying on to the USA.

As reported, I’d been in pretty good health for my 18 days in NZ, so I was hoping this would last through for as long as possible. I was particularly paranoid about Fiji as tummy upsets are common for travellers here, and the last thing I wanted was to spend my ten hour flight to Los Angeles in the toilet!

So I avoided drinking non-violent water, ice cubes, washed salad leaves, etc. and had no problems. I spent my day there sitting on the deserted island you see in the first photo…bliss!

From Nadi, I flew to LA and on to Las Vegas, where I met my friend Jamie from home who had come over to help me with my fieldwork (the reason why I’m in the States). We roadtripped from Vegas to Salt Lake City in a few days and were very lucky to have got into Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks before the federal shutdown on the 1st of October.

Salt Lake City was a nice surprise, but we were soon on our way to Green River, Utah: the watermelon capital. A sleepy town, apparently hit hard by the recession, it was home for ten days while we worked in the San Rafael desert to the south of the town.

We had time to play though, so we got down to Moab a few times, and had a good old explore off some of the local sites, including an abandoned coal town called Sego.

Fieldwork finished, Jamie went home and I came down here to Austin, Texas to finish my work and present to the Carbon Center at the Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas. In a couple of days I fly back to Scotland and life goes back to normal for me after two months on the road.

I’ll be mighty glad to be in my own home again, not eating out (food in the USA is not kind to my health, and I’ve been struggling here), and being able to see my friends again.

But what a great time it’s been! I sign off my travel posts (for now…) with another set of about-one-a-day Lightroom processed photos. Enjoy!

Desert island Fiji
Desert island for the day, Fiji

Las Vegas
Reflecting on the decadence/tackiness of Las Vegas
Zion National Park, Utah
Bryce Canyon
Wonderful colours in Bryce Canyon, Utah
Salt Lake temple
The Mormon Temple in the reflecting pool, Salt Lake City
Traffic reflection
Watching the traffic go by
Crystal Geyser
Layers of travertine at Crystal Geyser, Utah
San Rafael sunset
San Rafael desert sunset
Champagne Geyser
Travertine at Champagne Geyser, Utah
Self portrait after a day in the field
Sego gravestone
Gravestone, Sego Canyon, Utah
Porcupine RIm
Final section of the Porcupine Rim trail, Moab, Utah
Capitol and Moon
Texas State Capitol and Moon

4 thoughts on “Mixing Work and Play in Fiji & the USA

  1. shuyutong Tuesday 3rd December, 2013 / 3:05 pm

    You make your PhD a cool task Kit. You have been to Fiji for a field trip???

    • Kit Carruthers Tuesday 3rd December, 2013 / 3:08 pm

      Just a holiday – no work at all in Fiji 🙂

  2. shuyutong Tuesday 3rd December, 2013 / 3:08 pm

    And you have been to Kyoto for meeting!!! How I envy you!

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