An exciting new job

Recently I was approached by the Edinburgh Crohn’s and Colitis UK (CCUK) group of volunteers to take over web admin duties. The Edinburgh group are one of the most active CCUK groups in Scotland, and do an amazing job supporting Crohn’s Disease and colitis sufferers in Edinburgh and the Lothians. I’d been along to a few of their social evenings and got to know Dave the Chairman. He’d seen that I dabble in programming, that I keep a few blogs, and am obviously reasonably computer literate. I was still surprised, though, when he asked if I would be willing to help out with the group’s online presence. Dave’s such an affable gent, and the group really put so much effort into providing support for Crohn’s Disease and colitis sufferers around Edinburgh that it was impossible to decline!

That was a few weeks ago and the learning curve has been reasonably steep, more though to get up to speed with what the group get involved in and support e.g. we were at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, we run social evenings, our members run their own fundraising events. All of these we promote through Facebook, Twitter and our webpage. The other part of the learning curve is finding my way around the Facebook Pages admin, and using the Cubik web page editing interface on the CCUK page, as well as having to respond to another email account (I have 4 now…). As the primary admin now for these pages, I suppose I’ve become the ‘voice’ of the Edinburgh group! A little intimidating for me, since I’m used to speaking only for myself, but actually I really enjoy being part of the (entirely) volunteer Organising Team (OT) who operate in Edinburgh.

On a personal level, I’ve always meant to get involved with volunteer work (doesn’t everyone?) but never quite got around to it. This one I sort of fell into (well, Dave pushed…) and with Crohn’s Disease very much a personal experience – like everyone else on the OT – there’s immense satisfaction in giving something back and helping others. So many thanks to the group for asking me to help! Initially out of my comfort zone, but getting used to it!

If you would like to follow and support the Edinburgh Crohn’s and Colitis UK group, then point yourself to the following:


Twitter: @EdinburghIBD

CCUK Groups website:


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