Edinburgh Festival Fireworks

I’ve been seriously neglecting this blog for a few months. Partly due to being quite busy at work, partly due to lack of inspiration for things to write. Still suffering a bit from the inspiration thing, so instead of agonising over words, here are some fireworks photos from the Edinburgh Festival 2014.

From the end of July to the end of August every year, fireworks are let off every night to conclude the Edinburgh Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle. This meant a great opportunity this year to improve my technique at photographing fireworks, as well as bore the pants off my Facebook friends…

So here’s a photo from every night I took at least one photo of the fireworks, culminating in the final Edinburgh Festival fireworks display which officially closes the festival season here. The complete set of photos is on my Flickr page.

 July 31 Fireworks

Aug 1st from Calton Hill

Aug 7th from Salisbury Crags

Aug 10th from Princes St

Aug 24th from the Vennel

Aug 31st from Home


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