I have no idea how to pronounce “feuerzangenbowle”, but nonetheless I had a great time last night trying out a new festive drinking experience!

My friends Steph and Alun, neither of whom are German, yet they somehow own the right kit required to send a cone of sugar to a fiery, alcoholic (and delicious!) oblivion. A bit like fondue, but with less bread. And cheese.

If you’ve no idea what I’m on about, then let me enlighten you with my sole experience of feuerzangenbowle:

  1. Make lots of mulled wine, keeping it hot
  2. Add to the bowle
  3. Place your specially bought/prepped sugar cone on the metal shelf (zangen, I guess) over the bowle
  4. Dowse sugar in rum, set alight, and go “oooooooh!” and “aaaaaah!
  5. Drink the resulting mixture of wine, rum and sugar
  6. Repeat until legless, or the fire brigade needs calling.

Here’s some shaky photos of Steph playing with fire:





More on my Flickr page. And no, the shaky photos were before having a drink!



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