Right place, right time

Saturday night was pretty special. If you had looked out the window anywhere in Scotland at about 5pm, you would have been treated to the most incredible sunset.

The colours in the sky were simply phenomenal, but even better was being down by the water at the same time. It was such a still night that the brilliant pinks, purples and reds were reflected back up at you giving the most surreal and ethereal experience. I feel lucky to have been down by the Firth of Forth to witness it, since I’ve been holed up in an office for the past month, and even luckier to have a decent camera with me.

I was with a group of folk on a photography workshop run by Grant Ritchie of Real Edinburgh. We were learning to use graduated and neutral density filters to give elements of our images a bit more contrast, and to play about with smoothing the water surface by taking long exposures. About 2hrs in and BAM! Phenomenal sunset! We all shot some amazing images, not least Grant who’s photo of the Forth Rail Bridge (link opens on Facebook) has been viewed over 750,000 times on Facebook so far. It’s a corker, and he absolutely deserves it!

What I didn’t realise, though, was that I was in for my own bit of personal success. I posted this photo to my personal Facebook page, to Flickr, Instagram, and Twitter, and emailed it to the BBC News Scotland team.

Forth Rail Bridge Sunset

From that spree of sharing, I ended up with the most likes on Facebook of any photo I’ve ever posted; within 24hrs on Flickr the photo’s picked up nearly 11,900 views, 480 faves, and a host of new followers ; BBC News Scotland included it in their special gallery of Saturday’s sunset photos but also used it as the leading image on their front page (see below); and the Daily Mail asked to print it in today’s paper (although didn’t in the end).

BBC News 08.02.15
BBC News Scotland front page at 10pm 8th Feb 2015

It’s not even that good! I mean, the colours are fantastic, but compositionally it could be a lot better, and it suffers from some other technical flaws. But that doesn’t matter, I love it, and seems a whole lot of you do to. Right place, right time. And a tiny bit of skill to bag the shot 😉

Yours, with a big-heid for a few days,


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