21 musical nostalgia trips from the 2000’s

After reading a Buzzfeed article on 17 nu-metal tracks you secretly love, and thinking it was a bit shit, I thought I’d put some vids up here for songs which defined my musical tastes in my early 20’s. This was the stuff I was dancing/skanking/moshing to in clubs like The Mission and the Citrus Club in Edinburgh every week.

It’s a whole world away now, but most of my CD’s and Minidiscs (I know, right!) are made up of this! It’s slightly embarrassing admitting to enjoying some of these songs, but probably not half as embarrassing as admitting I used to wear a black Linkin Park hoodie, or that I wore a t-shirt to clubs which said “Fred Durst is a cunt”…

Anyway, enjoy! šŸ™‚


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