About Kit

Dear Reader,

Welcome!  My name is Kit, and you have reached my personal blog.  I am a mature student, currently studying for a Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh, and I keep another blog here about the research that I do, and about science stories which interest me in general.  You can read that here: http://vitaminccs.wordpress.com/

I decided to start this blog to document facets of my personal life, particularly my ongoing battles with depression and Crohn’s Disease.  But I would also like to share with you some stories about my family, people I have met, and what little travelling I have achieved so far in adulthood.  I used to be a keen mountainbiker before Crohn’s got in the way (and I sold my car), and I dabble a little in photography.  I have a Flickr site, where I shove my holiday snaps and so on, if you’re interested.

The blog may or may not get regular updates, depending on whether I can be bothered at any given time in my life, but ‘follow’ me through RSS feeds, Twitter or the WordPress Reader and I hope you will enjoy what little contribution I make to your webiverse.




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